The Met VR Concept App
Role: UX Designer & UI Designer

Challenge: Develop a new platform app for users to view an art gallery from anywhere. The experience should be high quality and seamless.

Solution: Applying VR could bring the art gallery experience into a new level. But VR can be intimidating for most viewers, therefore I have added a few options to view the gallery. The app will give the user and options to view in Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. If these are not available for the user, they can also download and view the video in 360.

User Flow:
The user flow helped me focus more the UX side. It was important that the flow was seamless between the homepage, preview and VR mode.

Kept the UI simple and very minimal just because a large amount of screen real estate is needed. Also, I used color to break up space and identify when the user is in the artist page or browsing on the homepage.

Selected Details Page

360 Video Page

Google Cardboard Page

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