Macy’s Beauty AR App
Role: UX Designer

Macy’s was developing a destination beauty event at their NYC store and they wanted an augmented reality app to enhance their store experience. 

The App has two components.

Part 1 is a “Destination” theme scavenger hunt, where users find all the beauty products throughout the store and sign up for a sweepstakes. Also, they get free selfie filters that go along with the Macy’s event. Users will be notified to use the #macysbeauty hashtag.

Part 2 is a Virtual Face Chart. Once a destination is selected, the users can watch different makeup animations that show which products to use and how how to apply them. Users can always go back and select a different destination, or replay the animation.

User Flow
We started with a userflow just to figure out touchpoints on the camera permissions pages, product pages, and the camera/scan/selfie components.

User Flow/Wireframes Part 1
The first UX concept for wireframes was more linear due to the fact that the users reward was to sign up for a sweepstakes.

The second UX concept for wireframes was less sweepstakes driven and so I switch the UX to a less linear approach which allowed the users to navigate around freely.

Selfie Filters
After completing the scavenger hunt, users will be dropped into camera view, where they can access destination-themed selfie filters. Users will be notified with a modal dialog box to use the #macysbeauty hashtag.

User Flow/Wireframes for Part 2 Virtual Face Chart

Wireframes for Bottom Navigation Functionality

Concept Design Mockup

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