GLAAD Celibacy Challenge Website
Role: UX Designer

Description: The FDA recently announced that gay and bisexual men may finally be allowed to donate blood after being banned for life since the ’80s—but only if they remain celibate for one year.

So straight guys can have safe sex with woman after woman and still donate blood. But gay and bi men who have had safe sex for an entire year—even with a monogamous partner—would still be banned.

Solution: To call attention to the FDA’s blood donor deferral policy, GLAAD and GMHC’s campaign illustrates how unrealistic it is to ask someone to remain celibate for a year in order to donate blood by offering, “approved alternatives” to sex. Participants are asked to share a video through social media using the hashtag #CelibacyChallenge and to sign a petition calling on the FDA to modify their policy, which can be found on

Ecosystem Map
Because the campaign involved a lot of digital channels, I worked on digital ecosystem to mapped out each part and how they all work together.

The main goal on the website is to get users to sign a petition and share our story. We explored types of social media activation that will drive the users to and from the site.

Final Design

RESULTS (after one day):
-36K+ YouTube video views
-4,500 signatures; 11K site visits from 92 countries
-Signatures/site visits ratio of 41%
-Web traffic driven by Facebook, Buzzfeed, and Twitter

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